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Tuesday, October 23 2012

I love this photograph of a beautiful road extending up to the horizon, leading somewhere, most likely unknown by the majority of people viewing it.  I try to think of the rest of my life as a journey on a beautiful road.

I do not mean to romanticize my life: I know I’ll suffer losses, experience sickness, disappointment, even heartache and tragedy on the journey, but I’ll also experience many good and beautiful things.  I strive to keep moving in a positive direction, with concrete goals, trying to make my journey as meaningful as possible, which includes trying to stay on a beautiful road.

My hatha yoga practice is like a navigation system that directs my path.  Through daily practice of postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama), I have more success focusing my mind (cutting off the constant random noise and thoughts that are so distracting and often, annoying) and directing my thoughts to what I want to do and to where I want to go.

I was unsuccessful at meditating until after several years of practicing yoga.  Meditation is really the goal of yoga.  I like to describe it as the process of trying to connect myself back with the universe.  Only when I get close to such a state of calmness and oneness with the universe, do I truly feel safe, directed, and sure in my decisions.  Having the skill to do this is powerful.  This is what drives me to share yoga with others, and after, ten years of dedicated practice, it led me to obtain certification through The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga and to begin teaching at Heat Yoga and Wellness.

Hatha yoga (forceful yoga) suits me because I’ve always been athletic, and I like to work out.  Hot yoga simply adds another challenging dimension, but yoga does not have to be either forceful or hot to achieve healthful benefits and to achieve a meditative state.

My yoga practice is probably the main reason I remained focus enough over an eight year period to finish my novel, Blood Brothers.  It is also the main factor that gives me the courage to pursue the things I want most as I continue my journey.

I encourage everyone to try yoga.  If you live in Louisville, come by Heat Yoga and Wellness and take a class.  Yoga is one of the fastest growing leisure time activities today, and there are yoga studios everywhere.  There’s probably one near your home.

Thanks for reading.  Namaste

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